It's all in the name!

Rock Solid, the name we adopted in 1989, applies to the resiliency of the products we fabricate, the integrity of our company, and the strength of our commitment to customers.

Our decades of experience and enviable track record in the demanding specialty automotive and commercial marine sectors give us the chops to design, develop, and deliver superior components based on your specifications, or in partnership to develop innovative solutions.

We are rock solid.

Barry O'Neil

Owner and President

With over 30+ years in the manufacturing/fiberglass industry. He started building fiberglass clothing bins in 2011 and started IAAR Limited in 2013.


Stephanie Amon Kenley


Stephanie has been with the company Rock Solid Composites Ltd. since 2005 and with IAAR Ltd. since 2011.


Mary Lou O'Neil

Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Mary Lou has been with the company Rock Solid Composites Ltd., part time since February 2013, and full time with IAAR since Nov 2014.


“We feel fortunate to be working with Barry and his team – they are the best in this industry.”

– Curtis Muise, Procurement Manager, Tri-Star Industries Ltd. Yarmouth, NS